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5 Iconic Songs In Nigerian History

Happy Nigerian Independence Day to everyone out there. Can you believe Nigeria as we know it is “technically” 56 years old? Even though politcally we’ve been through the grinder much more than we’d like as a country, creativity wise, we’ve probably been the best in the continent, and one of the best in the world.

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Seeing as we’re here as a top music blog bringing you the best in music, and knowledge on what we know, we’re bringing you the 25 most iconic songs in Nigerian History. Are these the best songs? Arguably. However this list features the songs that became the standout hits that defines eras and generations in Nigeria.

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Sir Victor Uwaifo – Joromi

One of the pioneers of Highlife music in Nigeria, Sir Victor Uwaifo released this wonderfully composed song, Joromi, that has come to define the 60s era and the origin of highlife. Decades later it still sounds just as fresh even for those not born when it was released.

Rex Lawson – Love Me Adure

Rex Lawson in his short life was able to not only set the platform for many highlife musicians (especially in the east) for years to come, he put out this wedding classic that is still being played and covered by many bands in Nigeria today.

Fela – Lady

Fela was as politically charged of an artist as you’d find anywhere in the world, and one of his most iconic hits was a stab at the colonial influences on the African Woman. Besides the message, Lady is a wonderfully put together and very groovy jam. Instant party starter.

Fela – Water No Get Enemy

Another of Fela’s iconic hits, Water No Get Enemy, became the symbol of his international significance and his pro-black stance. The song is listed by many hip-hop artists in America was one of their musical influences.

Olu Maintain – Yahooze

When you have the Secretary of State of the United States (Colin Powell) dancing to your song then you know you’ve reached somewhere. Olu Maintain’s Yahooze and the dance that came with it was the biggest thing going from 2007 all the way into 2009.


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