“Our Love Should Last Forever” – Afrobeats sensation ICEKING speaks as he visits the kids at the orphanage

"Our Love Should Last Forever" - Afrobeats sensation ICEKING speaks as he visits the kids at the orphanage


Afrobeats sensation Iceking is not just a music star, but he is a hearer and doer of the word. With this great move, Iceking let’s us know that we all need to love one another in other to build a better world.

The Nigerian controversial singer and songwriter Iceking on valentines day during his visit to see the kids at the orphanage stated that Valentine shouldn’t just be for a day, love should be celebrated all around the world everyday not just to the people closest to us but also to the ones we don’t know who may in one way or the other be needing our help as well.
If we were to define love, we would conclude that love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. So therefore, there is no limit to the amount of love we can give, it is the very essence of life and what makes the world go round.
Some people might ask, “Why we need to love one another”.
When we love ourselves we‘re more likely to be happy and enjoy life, because we feel happy in our self. You‘re not always striving to do more or think you can do better. This is really a form of internal criticism, as you‘re saying what you are now or what you‘re doing isn’t good enough in some way.
See more photos below as he makes the children happy!
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